Team building ideas…

Building your team:

Below are images of teams built from other events across the USA!

Some teams decide to put on some fun or silly socks or stockings, roll up their pants and start walking!

Other teams decide to go ALL OUT! And truly walk the mile, not just in her shoes, but also in her dress and stockings and make up or more 🙂

Women also create teams (the image below they used roller skates!!!!)

Step 1- Gather your team

Step 2-register (click the menu to register for event) as a team, you can decide to register as individuals and show up as a team or register as a team to get the discount!!!)

Step 3-decide together what everyone will be wearing.

Step 4- walk at event on May 4, 2014

Team prizes go to:

Best dressed team
Most creative team

the team that wants to raise the most money for Domestic Violence Center of Chester County! (Not required-available prize for the team who does this though)
Contact Event Organizer if you have any questions!








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